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Website Design, Build & Maintenance for a Publishing & Events Company

Petrospot is an independent publishing, training and events organisation focused on the maritime, energy and transportation industries. They deliver the highest quality, strategic information via their websites, through print, conferences and exhibitions.

Bunkerspot falls under the umbrella of Petrospot as a key source of quality, accurate and independent information for all professionals working in the international bunker industry. Bunker Events is as the name suggests, the event side of the business where details about upcoming and previous events are located. 

Petrospot Ltd approached Blue Frontier requiring three new websites to cover the main aspects of their business. Our experienced team set about the design and build process to bring the three sites to life.

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Web Development for Bunkerspot

When working on any client project, there can be some obstacles to navigate to get the desired end results. Our experienced developers set about writing component parts that were optional across any of the three Petrospot websites.

Working with an external API for bunker pricing was also a challenge as at the time of the build it was not fully complete, which meant as the team worked on the project, they had to be agile enough to accommodate any changes that were being made. There was also some custom development needed at the API supplier site.


Website Maintenance

Since building all three of the websites, Blue Frontier has continued to maintain and enhance the websites further, allowing Petrospot and Bunkerspot to continually publish content about the multi-faceted global marine fuels industry.

Working with Petrospot, we have provided a number of key features that are essential to the functionality of the websites.

We created a custom-built eCommerce shop for selling magazine subscriptions sold by Bunkerspot and some educational books. We also added in a link with live Bunker prices, using an API, to ensure that those who subscribe to Bunkerspot and any site visitors are kept up to date with the markets.

Bunkerspot hosts a number of events throughout the year and so a custom-built event booking system ensures that worldwide bunker events can be booked by any customer from anywhere around the globe.

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Web Development Petrospot

What We Did

Collaborating with Petrospot for the development of each site, the end result is three functional websites which all serve their individual purpose for the client. Petrospot now has a website to share news about upcoming events and log the details of previous events on Bunker Events, whilst the constant incoming news articles that are relevant to the bunker industry are shared via Bunkerspot and Petrospot.

Our ongoing relationship with Petrospot enables us to continue to update all three of the websites via a monthly support contract and also ensures they are hosted securely. 

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