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Creating an Engaging Website With Joomla

Blue Frontier's highly-skilled web design team were enlisted to deliver a new site for WizFix, with a plan to employ SEO techniques along the way to drive website traffic.

WizFix is a family-run heating and plumbing company based in London. With their local success and extensive experience in the delivery of domestic and commercial projects, they wanted an engaging website to reflect their professionalism and expertise.

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Wizfix Website - Desktop View

Our design team devised a plan to use Joomla CMS in order to edit the website’s content with ease – giving the site more longevity and the ability to keep its content relevant, fresh, and of a high standard.

Without SEO, a website cannot reach its full potential, and when people are searching for plumbing or heating services, it is important that WizFix appear high enough up in the Google rankings so that people choose to visit their website. Our team completed SEO keyword analysis by looking into local competitors to determine which keywords should feature on WizFix’s website in order to deliver an effective design complete with relevant content, to propel its eCommerce capabilities and better attract customers.

We worked with WizFix to determine both short-term and long-term goals, and thus, with the bigger picture in mind, it was decided that the website would initially have a smaller number of well-curated pages - with a view to increasing the number of pages over time. Although we decided on a limited number of pages, we wanted to ensure that the site featured enough information, looked complete and well put together and that the services and the nature of the business were given the appropriate visibility. The website consists of 7 main pages: Home, Heating, Commercial, Plumbing, Rates, About Us, and Contact. Underfloor Heating, Commercial and Plumbing, there are further subpages detailing an array of more specific services, covering a spectrum from boiler repair to bathroom installation.

The end result is a streamlined, clean, and engaging site, which is customer-friendly and easy to navigate. The website‘s bold yet mature colours of crimson red and dark blue are eye-catching and promote a sense of brand identity carried over on their social media platforms.

WizFix Website
Joomla Website Build - Wizfix

What we did

The flexibility of Joomla CMS and design expertise in conjunction with SEO and the continuous consideration for the customer experience, have all contributed to the value of the site and the immense satisfaction of the team at WizFix.

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