GDPR Consultancy Services

Supporting businesses as they prepare for new data protection regulations.

A professional consultancy service helping organisations meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations.

The introduction of the GDPR in May 2018 has changed how data is collected, shared and used worldwide. The new regulations are more restrictive than the previous Data Protection Act requirements. The GDPR has a wider reach of data types covered and requires organisations to prove specific, explicit consent for data processing. Every business needs to understand and adapt their policies and procedures in order to respond to the changes and make themselves compliant. It is essential that your business is prepared for these changes to mitigate any risks.

Step-by-step consultancy

We make the process easy, leading you through each step of the consultancy process, providing impartial advice and guidance on everything from compliance and regulatory matters to pragmatic and common-sense approaches to implementation and training.

GDPR Audit

An initial audit will help us to understand your current practices and procedures. As a starting point, it will give us an impression of gaps and the breadth of the project.

GDPR Gap Analysis

A full gap analysis will identify the main areas for improvement in your current Data Protection policies and processes.


Based on our initial Audit and Gap Analysis, we’ll compile a full report. This will inform our recommendations and future developments.


We’ll recommend the most effective process and tools that you need to implement. These will be for guidance only and it will be your decision on how you proceed.


Our team can implement all systems and write policies so that you’re covered. We can also provide training to staff so that best practice is being followed.

We know the new data protection regulation inside-out and we’ll help you to understand them too.

We have been working with businesses to ensure that their policies and procedures are compliant with current data protection regulations and we’ve been advising our clients on the newest requirements. We are ISO 27001 accredited and have implemented data security frameworks into our own processes.

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Additional Consultancy Services

As well as providing expert advice on GDPR, we are also experienced in:

  • ISO Accreditation
    We have developed a strategy for ISO accreditation to support businesses who want to be certified.
  • Systems Implementation
    Blue Frontier supports businesses with the entire process to find and implement essential systems.
  • Data Management
    Helping you to backup your important data and build a recovery plan to keep your systems online and maintain full business continuity.
  • Technical Architecture
    We build systems around your precise requirements. From networking and server management through to desktop computing.
  • IT Consultancy
    We’ll work with you to understand and implement an effective IT strategy that takes into consideration your current business needs, but is flexible for ongoing technical developments.
  • Training & Support
    Our consultants provide ongoing training and support to businesses on an ad-hoc basis to ensure that you are maximising your business’s potential.

See the benefits

We work with you to ensure every GDPR basis is considered and covered. Whether in relation to a specialised area of your industry or broad GDPR commitments, we can help you.

Peace of mind

It can be stressful dealing with new regulation while you're trying to grow your business. Our consultants will manage the project and ensure that your business is compliant so that you can focus on growth.

ISO accredited services

Implement your new procedures to the standards of an ISO accredited organisation. We are ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited. This means that we know what it takes to implement strict frameworks and how to meet difficult quality standards.

Save Time

It takes a significant amount of time to understand the regulations and put the procedures in place to ensure that your business meets the requirements. We’ll help you to develop a framework that is compliant, saving you time and cutting costs.

Reduce Costs

It's essential that you get it right the first time or risk being fined up to £30 million. We provide managed services that are tailored to you, so we'll help you the way you need and want to be helped. With our assistance, you'll meet every key requirement, which will save you time and money.

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