Brand Design

We create, build and launch brands, helping clients to rebrand their business and bring new life into their company. 

As a brand development agency, we help businesses with brand strategy

Branding is not just creating a logo for your company. Good branding involves creating a strategy to define your voice, bringing your business to life so that you can build a lasting reputation in your industry.

Our team of skilled and experienced creatives develop brand identities that encompass all the things that make your business unique. We create, plan and measure branding strategies, and, as a full service agency, are able to develop brilliant websites to display and capture the essence of your brand. 

At Blue Frontier, we collaborate closely with our clients to get a true understanding of their values and their goals. By pairing your industry expertise with our creative flair, we build remarkable and relevant brands with clear and concise objectives.

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What does branding involve?

Branding is the marketing process used to shape, communicate and strengthen a business’ brand. It’s what converts first-time buyers into lifetime customers, building recognition and creating a consistent customer experience that triggers a connection between you and your audience that ultimately builds trust and loyalty.

Branding extends beyond a great logo, memorable name or promotional materials; it is the life and soul of your company. Brands need to stand tall above the competition or face the peril falling by the wayside. We create brands using in-depth research and aim for your target audience by capturing your story and building a bold identity.

Step-by-step process

By carefully listening to our clients' issues, we look to provide a refreshing take on your brand in order to bring out the best of your organisation.

Market Research

We start by delving into the brand trends and prerequisites of your industry; this helps us set the correct tone for your brand to ensure it aligns with your market's expectations.

Competitor Research

We begin gathering knowledge about your competitors to help understand who is dominating the sector and listening to your target market. This helps our creatives deliver successful results.

Brand Reputation

Our creatives carefully expand on your current brand's legacy and existing reputation; this is particularly key for brands who have built a reputation and don't want to stray too far.

Creating the Brand

We discuss our findings to help clients curate their branding before beginning the design phase to give them a strong image to move forwards that will position them at the heart of their target market.

Brand Guidelines

We can also help your brand retain consistency, ensuring your brand shares the same visual aesthetic and tone of voice across all touchpoints, a key factor in how your audience perceives and interacts with your organisation.

Why choose Blue Frontier to assist with brand identity?

The creative minds at Blue Frontier know how to take a vision and transform it into a successful brand. We help individuals such as authors, consultants and freelancers connect with new customers, while we relish the challenge of working with new and exciting start-ups to help propel them forwards.

Established brands from a variety of sectors, private and public turn to our team to help them accomplish their goals when it comes to brand image and visibility. We are able to integrate business and brand strategy, so our clients can reap the rewards.

We discover everything that is great about your organisation and uncover the opportunities to develop an engaging brand. We create brand identities and curate guidelines ready to communicate clear messaging to your customers.

We are more than just your brand design agency.

We care about your success. We’re here to help you attract customers both online and off. From the start, we’ll take the time to learn about your business and objectives in order to develop a brand identity that truly represents you.

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Unlock your potential with our digital services

At Blue Frontier, we have everything in place to help your brand succeed. From creative web and graphic design, to gaining visibility through tailored SEO campaigns, PPC and social media.

Digital marketing, design for web and print, development and SEO are all key components behind every successful brand and Blue Frontier are the backbone and support network you need to succeed. We build digital, print and creative campaigns that complement your brand to deliver measurable results.

If you are looking to build a brand, reposition your organisation and make new connections, speak to us about your project and let us help you unlock your potential.

Tell us about your project

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