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We generate more data than ever before. Power BI is the visualisation tool that helps make sense of it all, enabling you to make better business decisions.

Microsoft Power BI collates data from numerous cloud and on premise data sources into a single repository to make it easier to analyse and understand your business data.

Power BI solutions allow users to connect to hundreds of data sources, model the data and then share across their organisation. Power BI transforms the data into an insightful dashboard via graphs and charts, ready to help users understand and learn more about their business.

Anyone with an understanding of Excel can use Power BI, and the real strength is being able to transform reams of data quickly into a user-friendly interface, to speed up business decisions.

Call centre database dashboard using Microsoft Power BI

Power BI Builds Trust in Your Data

Power BI consultancy improves efficiency within organisations and increases productivity. Our Power BI service will make sure that all data tracking is correctly implemented, which empowers businesses to make decisions using data they trust.

Furthermore, Power BI equips business with better oversight of customer journeys and educates internal teams to better interpret data. When it comes to more accurate reporting, analysis and planning, our Power BI development team will make this happen for you.

We create robust data warehousing environments so that our clients can efficiently use their data with confidence. As Microsoft Silver Partners, we have extensive experience in structured data modelling, SQL coding and data warehouse design and implementation.

9 Benefits of Power BI

Using inaccurate data is costly for businesses or any organisation. Our Power BI consultancy service allows our clients to proceed with confidence and make clear decisions using trustworthy data.

Import Data

Import vast quantities of data from various sources unlike any other platform

Protect Data

Protect Power BI Data with Microsoft Information Protection and Cloud App Security

Machine Learning

Built in machine learning analyses data to help spot trends and opportunities

Cloud Technology

Power BI uses Cloud based technology that continues to evolve

Customise Views

Users can produce customised dashboards to access the most relevant data

User Friendly

The user friendly interface making it easy to navigate

Seamless Integration

It integrates seamlessly with popular Microsoft tools like SharePoint and Office 365

Third-Party Support

Also integrates with non-Microsoft products like Google Analytics and Mail Chimp

Stream Data

Stream analytics in real time and make use of Microsoft AI to find insights quickly

Power BI Project Management from Blue Frontier

Power BI is an amazing tool and with the correct configuration and maintenance, it will help improve your business. Blue Frontier assist clients with the platform and expedite the setup process so that users can fully utilise its full capabilities.

  • Get Started
    We get to know your exact requirements, identify the data most valuable to your business and establish the KPIs.
  • Analytics Audit
    We carry out a detailed assessment of the current configuration and the validity of your data gathering tools, including Google Analytics.
  • Implementation & Configuration
    Our technical experts help clients to leverage Power BI to unify their data and integrate it with existing cloud-based applications.
  • Visualisation
    We create custom visuals and personalised dashboards to help users make better and quicker business decisions.
  • Ongoing Support & Monitoring
    We continue to support clients with Power BI consultancy and data monitoring services after setup. We monitor data through dashboards, automated reports and custom alerts.
  • Data Literacy Training
    Even if your data is complex and in large volumes, our BI developers handle the data analysis, and deliver training to clients as and when required.

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Covid19 vaccine database dashboard using Microsoft Power BI

Power BI Solutions Delivered By Microsoft Experts

Our Power BI consultants deliver technical advice, project management and training for Power BI, Microsoft SQL, SQL server integration and reporting services. Using the Microsoft data tools suite correctly will vastly enhance your business' use of data integration, analytics and business intelligence.

As a Microsoft Partner, our technical team will help you overcome any issues with Power BI development, dashboards, visualisation or project management. Our team are experienced in migration and helping clients to adopt new technology to push their business forwards.

If you are keen to have a conversation about better data, turn to award winning Microsoft Partner’s Blue Frontier, and utilise our skillset to implement Power BI successfully within your organisation.

We are more than just your web development team.

We are Microsoft Silver Partners and support clients with Power BI solutions including consultancy, deployment and project management to maximise your company’s efficiency.

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Power BI FAQs

Inaccurate data can be misleading and ultimately lead to costly errors when making business decisions. We have answered some FAQs as to why Power BI and accurate data are crucial for your business.

How Do You Collect Accurate Data?

We help clients to ensure the data they collect is accurate. To do this we compare it to other reliable data sources, such as analytics vs backend, or testing tool vs analytics tool. If we find large disparity in data, we assess the root cause of any inaccuracies in order to resolve the problem.

Data quality issues occur due to several different factors, such as incorrect tracking. Our Power BI team resolve data quality issues and have the technical know how to make sure that you can be confident in your data.

Why Conduct an Analytics audit?

An in-depth audit involves a series of checks that help establish if the data being collected is required, how trustworthy and accurate the data is, and uncovers any issues with the tracking or reporting.

Why is Good Data Visualisation Important?

A clear visual representation of data, such as a graph or chart that is easy to understand helps businesses to make better decisions, more quickly. Data visualisation should be visually interesting and flag information that would not be accessible from raw data.

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