Healthcare Software Testing

Ensure your products are reliable, safe, and compliant with rigorous, compliance-focused healthcare software testing services.

Your solution for Healthcare Software Testing

The work doesn’t end once your healthcare software has been developed, connected, and integrated into your device or system. As a manufacturer, supplier, or provider, it is your responsibility to ensure your product is fully tested, meets compliance requirements, and is ready to go out into the field. Our digital health testing team can help you meet this responsibility, with end-to-end testing of your healthcare software, including defect logging and subsequent developer support to provide fixes.

Medical Software Testing with compliance in mind

Our primary focus in medical software testing is compliance; by making sure your systems meet compliancy mandates you can feel secure knowing that your product’s software meets all the requirements for laboratory or point-of-care use.

Our team will test your product’s software to ensure it meets functional and performance-based requirements, as well as security, useability, and protocol measures indited by regulatory mandates. Our test team will also ensure you meet any relevant accreditation requirements, including ISO and ASTM standards.

Provide your clients and patients with the reliability, accuracy, and performance they deserve with compliancy-focused medical software testing. As an end-to-end digital health partner, any defects or faults detected by our testing team will be accurately logged, and our consultants will provide recommendations for next steps or further development. If required, our healthcare software developers can provide critical fixes for your defects to ensure standards are re-tested and met.

How can we help?

Here at Blue Frontier, we have the expertise and experience you need when it comes to healthcare software testing.

Some of the testing services we provide are:

Automated Testing

Our automated testing service ensures thorough test coverage, accelerates release cycles, and identifies potential issues swiftly. With seamlessly integrated automated healthcare software testing, you can guarantee a robust and error-resistant product whilst optimising project timelines and costs.

Verification Testing

Our meticulous verification testing processes ensure that your healthcare software meets specified requirements and mandates, providing the accuracy and functionality needed for end-users. Our team will verify each component of your software, guaranteeing that your product aligns with defined specifications, quality assurance, and stringent industry standards.

Validation Testing

We use rigorous validation testing processes to make sure your healthcare software meets user expectations and business needs. From system validation to user acceptance testing, trust in our expertise to guarantee end-to-end functionality and excel in meeting user experience requirements.

Regression Testing

Feel confident in your medical software’s resilience, detect bugs quickly, and ensure functionalities remain intact through ongoing regression testing. We will put a regression testing strategy in place, using automated and manual processes to safeguard against unintended changes in your software’s codebase, maintaining integrity throughout development cycles.

Volume & Performance Testing

Optimise efficiency, enhance performance, and validate your software’s capability to handle varying loads with our volume & performance testing service. Explore how our systematic testing processes simulate diverse user scenarios, identifying and resolving potential bottlenecks to guarantee your software's scalability and responsiveness under varying conditions.

Code Level Testing

Our code level testing service will fortify the core of your codebase at every level, delivering a resilient and error-resistant foundation to elevate the reliability and functionality of your healthcare software. With precision unit and integration testing methods, our team will meticulously verify individual code components and ensure seamless collaboration between them.

We are more than just your digital health team.

You’ll be working with specialists in this area who care about the quality of the end product. Our digital health team work to a programme of continuous development and best practice to ensure that your software is tested to the latest regulatory standards. We’ll thoroughly test every element of your healthcare software, log and fix issues, and build new components and apps as part of an ongoing development cycle.

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We test to the standards you need and expect

 We understand the need for rigorous testing when it comes to healthcare products, devices, and software, which is why we work to a range of standards, protocols and best practices.

We prioritise threat modelling, robust coding practices, and thorough medical software testing to fortify your product against vulnerabilities. With a commitment to compliance and continual improvement, our SSDLC framework ensures a resilient software ecosystem, elevating your security standards and instilling confidence in your final product. 

We promote a culture of excellence, optimising collaboration and code quality through effective code reviews and continuous improvement. With in-depth peer review processes, we work to identify bugs, adhere to coding standards, deliver error-resistant code, and contribute valuable coding insights through knowledge sharing.

Optimise and streamline lifecycle development with efficient code organisation, clear commenting, and adherence to coding best practice standards. Using effective error handling techniques and robust testing strategies, we look to embrace version control principles, facilitate collaboration, and ensure your code aligns with current standards.

By adhering to code quality guidelines in consistent formatting, efficient documentation, and optimised performance, we help ensure a robust and maintainable healthcare software ecosystem. With rigorous testing against quality guidelines, we contribute to a cohesive codebase that enhances collaboration and facilitates future development.


We are committed to providing testing services that are aligned with ISO-13485 regulations for transferring and receiving clinical data, proactively managing device health, monitoring inventory, and improving patient outcomes with more rapid diagnostic testing.   

Benefit from our expertise when it comes to elevating healthcare data standards and integration. We will not only develop solutions that meet your requirements and the pressures of daily point-of-care or lab environments, but we will ensure that all healthcare software testing outcomes are fully compliant to ISO and quality assurance mandates.


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IEC 62304

We are well-versed in navigating the intricate requirements of IEC 62304 regulatory standards, ensuring the safety and efficacy of the software-based solutions we test. Whether our team are testing integration systems or connectivity software solutions, you can rest assured that our test protocols meet all IEC 62304 mandates.

We are experts in risk management, software development processes, and documentation practices that align with IEC 62304. Trust us to ensure that your healthcare software meets this crucial regulatory framework, providing assurance of adherence to international standards, and delivering safe and effective healthcare software solutions. 

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