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We help clients to plan, develop and deliver content strategies that yield results.

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What is content strategy?

Content strategy is the management of the creative output on your website, social media, print and or any other content related platform that you share with potential or existing clients. Creating content can be hugely beneficial in growing your business and can deliver exciting new opportunities if planned and executed correctly, which is where Blue Frontier can help.

We provide content strategy services that:

  • Examine who you are creating content for
  • Resolve problems for your target audience
  • Include keyword research to highlight search opportunities
  • Analyse which channels are best to share your message
  • Schedule when your content is posted via a calendar to help visualise the output

Our digital marketing team have all bases covered when it comes to content strategy. We have the skills in house to help boost your SEO, Social Media, Copywriting and Paid Advertising efforts.

Benefits of Having a Content Strategy.

A content marketing strategy or content plan will deliver long term and cost effective results for your business. Organic traffic drives new leads and so content that ranks well and gets in front of users looking for the services that you may offer is invaluable. A content strategy will ensure that you have this type of content on your website.

We help clients review existing content and optimising existing web pages, blog posts and guides to increase visibility and cover topics that your audience like to search for, and with which to engage.

Content marketing strategies help to build brand awareness, educate new leads about what you have on offer and highlight how you can help them resolve their problem. How to guides, competitions, guest blogs and engaging social media posts are various content types that can be combined into a wider content strategy to help boost awareness of your business and services.

If you are looking to outreach and increase brand awareness and improve your backlink profile we can assist, just as much as we can help to deliver you results via social media advertising campaigns.

We can help you plan and deliver a content strategy bespoke to the requirements of your business.

Content Management Strategy

A content strategy does not always have to involve fresh content, it is important to audit what is already in place and optimise it to increase its visibility online and enhance its overall effectiveness. We use SEO monitoring software to measure the performance of top landing pages and uncover those underperforming. For example, improving pages that receive website visits but do not convert can be a quick win and lead to a higher number of conversions for your business.

As an SEO agency, we can also review your website structure and make your most important content pages more prominent so that the users can easily access the key information on your website. Each content strategy will vary, and Blue Frontier can piece together the perfect plan for you, so that you get the most out of your content marketing efforts.

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Comprehensive Content Audit & Competitor Analysis.

A key part of any content strategy is to have a look at any potentially lucrative content gaps. Through comprehensive keyword research and conducting an audit of your current content, it is possible to seek new opportunities for topics not yet covered. Keywords with high search volumes that are relevant to the industry can be included in a content plan and the ‘content gap’ plugged with insightful and useful content ready to entice new leads. Likewise, some keywords with lower search volumes can be valuable, especially if specific to your niche or area and all of these opportunities are considered as part of a marketing strategy.

Equally, it is worth looking at your competitors and the topics they have covered. They are likely to have done their homework in order to produce content that lands them business, so conducting an audit of their output and creating your own unique and improved versions is a tried and tested method to build into a content marketing strategy.


We’re more than just your content marketing team.

We’re dedicated to collaborating closely with you to ensure that our team create the most effective PPC campaign which suits your company. We combine your knowledge and experience of your industry with our PPC expertise to deliver great results. Blue Frontier is proud to be an official Google Partner, with our marketing team being certified in Google Ads.



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Let Us Help You Build a Winning Content Strategy

Let Us Help You Build a Winning Content Strategy

Through comprehensive research into audiences, competitors and opportunities, Blue Frontier help clients to establish effective content marketing strategies. What makes us unique is that we have a full suite of content management services all in one place for you to utilise.

We have in house SEO experts who can help improve the health and visibility of your content and monitor the results. Our copywriters can create compelling copy for digital, print, social media or outreaching; while our designers and web developers are on hand should you need to rearrange your site structure to get the most valuable information about your business at the forefront of your website. Photography, graphic design, video, PPC, social media can all form part of a bespoke content marketing strategy built specifically for your business.

Increased conversions by 21%

Our PPC experts have worked with Dream Doors for many years to help them grow their business and generate more traffic and leads for their kitchen showrooms around the country.

We have achieved amazing results...

Dream Doors website
  • Fantastic, thank you. The organic traffic continues to grow by 10% week on week, which is excellent, and it has doubled since earlier this year.

    Emilie Head Clinical Partners
  • We are very happy with the work you have done and the way it was carried out, you have been an extremely organised company. The advice, support and work is second to none and more importantly is increasing our sales. Thank you.

    Mark Kennard Dream Doors

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