SEO Audit and Competitor Analysis

Understand your online visibility and competitive performance with a comprehensive SEO audit. 

An SEO audit is a great starting point as it gives you insight into your competitors' visibility, performance and an overview of the digital landscape

We review your website from an SEO perspective to identify ‘quick wins’ and make recommendations to develop a longer term strategy to increase your visibility in search engine results pages and boost website performance.

Continuing to optimise your site for search and UX is imperative to growing your online visibility and enhancing its overall performance. Conducting a routine SEO audit will highlight any technical issues, changes in the competitive landscape and new opportunities that can be utilised to further your site’s potential. 

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Benefits of a SEO Audit

Use our SEO audit to make informed decisions, develop an SEO strategy, and increase your organic search visibility by targeting high-intent keywords to generate quality leads and conversions.

Some benefits of an SEO audit include:

  • Understand your current performance in search
  • Benchmark against your competitors
  • Find on-page optimisation opportunities
  • Investigate technical issues to improve indexation
  • Learn how to build a trusted and authoritative backlink profile
  • Establish the ideal structure and navigation for your website
  • Recommendations for quick wins and long term strategy 

What's included?

We work with you to learn about your industry and competitors, as well as your concerns, goals and objectives.

Initial Analysis

We analyse a wide range of on-site factors including your website’s mobile-friendliness, site architecture, technical SEO errors such as site speed and crawl health, overall page performance and content structure.

Competitor Analysis

In addition to the on-site analysis, we conduct a thorough backlink profile analysis for you and your competition. We use this information to make recommendations and highlight new opportunities. 

Visibility Analysis

We also review your off-site visibility by looking at your Google My Business and Bing Places listings, and also the utilisation of social media platforms. Using this information, we compare your activity to your competitors to identify new opportunities to increase your off-site visibility. 

Helping Your Business Grow 

A SEO audit is a great investment as it looks at every aspect of your site to provide a holistic overview. With greater insights into your own performance and your competition, you can shape your SEO strategy based on our data and research. By implementing our ‘quick wins’ and recommendations, you will begin to see your organic search visibility grow.

Our experienced team of SEO specialists can work collaboratively with your marketing team to optimise your website, or you can outsource your SEO completely with our managed service. 

Outsource SEO

We are more than just your SEO team.

Our knowledgeable team of SEO consultants take into account the bigger picture. While we look at technical, on-site and off-site SEO factors, we consider whether your content is optimised, look for CRO improvements and work closely with our design team to implement improvements based on the outcome of an SEO audit. We use our knowledge, experience and research to deliver recommendations to enhance your online performance.

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Backlink Profile Analysis

Your backlink profile is an important aspect of your site’s SEO as the links that point to your website help search engines to determine how popular your website is and the quality of the content it hosts.

In addition to our SEO audits, we also conduct backlink audits to assess the quality and the quantity of links pointing to your site, as well as carrying out a thorough competitor backlink analysis. With this information, we can benchmark against the competition and develop a strategy to improve your backlink profile. This can include cleaning up your existing backlink profile and a plan to improve the quality and quantity of links.

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