Cyber Security Assessment

Enhance your business’s security posture and find out the risk factors that result in a security incident or data breach.

We’ll discover  your vulnerabilities and gaps in your information security to help protect your data.

A cyber security risk assessment is an essential part of any organisation’s risk management strategy. In this day and age, the majority of companies rely on information technology and information systems to conduct business and this poses inherent risks. However, with a CREST-accredited and professional cyber security assessment, you can ensure that your business is in the best situation to better mitigate any potential threats and vulnerabilities. We identify vulnerabilities, improve security posture and put in place proactive defences to help your company meet regulatory requirements and maintain trust with your customers. We’ll work with you and your business’s goals to provide you with effective mitigation and protection, including all the necessary technical support.

Identify. Protect. Prevent

Every business has different cyber security needs, which is why we always create a bespoke strategy for our clients.

The primary aim of our cyber risk assessment is to provide your decision-makers with the correct information about potential threats and to support proper risk responses. We will identify:

  • Relevant threats to your organisation
  • Internal and external vulnerabilities
  • The impact if those vulnerabilities are exploited
  • The probability of exploitation

We will make recommendations based on our research and knowledge, and devise a bespoke cyber security assessment plan. We will monitor your company, and with the gathered data, we can react and respond accordingly, making alterations and updates to your security systems when necessary.


There are numerous reasons you might want to perform a cyber risk assessment as well as reasons why it might be necessary for your business.

The obvious benefit is that you can improve your security posture and be in the best position to mitigate any security incidents or data breaches.

By identifying potential threats and working to mitigate them, your company can prevent security incidents and data breaches, which not only saves your organisation money in the long term, but protects and improves your organisation’s brand and reputation.

We are a team of qualified cyber security engineers and consultants.

Our specialists are committed to providing the very best cyber security assessment services to protect your company from cyber threats. We’ll take the time to understand how your digital and network infrastructure works, as well as how your information flows to provide you with the best bespoke cyber security solutions.

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Identifying Threat Sources

We focus on adversarial threats, which come from third-party attackers, and non-adversarial threats, which stem from negligence, mistakes or other non-malicious errors. The impact of these different threats vary depending on the organisation type, however, both can negatively impact your company and are therefore taken into account.

We will assess the capabilities, intentions and targeting of the potential attackers to get a detailed view of your attack surface. For non-adversarial threats, we will calculate the potential impact should an error take place. We can aid your company in minimising the risk through continuous assessment, and then working to implement measures that help mitigate the threat and effect of discovered vulnerabilities and gaps in your security.

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