Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust _

Managed Web Services

This project shows our capability to offer extensive web development and support services to a large NHS Trust.

Supporting Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust with a fully managed web support and development service.

We had been working with the Trust for a number of years, and it got to the point where the arrangement needed to be formalized in order to meet the Trust’s procurement criteria.

Project Brief

They asked us to create a managed service contract to maintain both internal and public facing websites. Over a period of a couple of months, a managed service contract was drawn up to provide enough paid hours for us to support their internal digital solutions team, maintain their Joomla based intranet and public facing sites, and provide development expertise to continually move their intranet forward.

We created a two-year contract encompassing everything the Trust may need in order to maintain 11 different websites, some accessible only to employees, others accessible to the general public.

In addition to the managed service, the Trust also call upon us to deliver bespoke systems outside of the main managed service. This can be anything from design work, to mobile app development and everything between.


We had to get on to the procurement framework in order for the Trust to be able to purchase our services. We needed to formulate a managed service that provided everything the Trust required while keeping within this procurement framework.


The service has been running for 12 months now and has generally been successful. The Trust now has a clear billing structure which makes it easy for them to request work from us as and when they need to. In addition, all of their systems are monitored and updated to the latest versions as soon as possible.

Our team are now very familiar with the requirements of working with the Trust and have tailored our processes to dovetail with theirs, ensuring that all system changes are logged and approved prior to deployment.

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust have been working with our partner Blue Frontier for a number of years and I cannot fault their professionalism and customer service. The team are supporting the Trust with our digital journey and have provided a number of professional websites and apps which have received excellent feedback. Blue Frontier continue to support the Trust with the development of our Intranet to support our vision that all information and applications are accessed through a single portal.Scott Adams, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

  • Technology_
    • PHP
    • Joomla
    • Microsoft IIS
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Apache
    • MySQL
    • LDAP
  • Services_
    • Design
    • Development
    • Project Management
    • Key Account Management
    • Data Integration
    • Web Support

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