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Round-Up for Rounders!

Date Friday, 27 August 2021 Wiktoria Niedbala

Round-Up for Rounders!

Finally, on a sunny Thursday evening in August, we had our very first company social of the year! We let loose on a playing field in Salisbury for a game of rounders, some drinks and a BBQ! Our brave players were split into three teams to compete for a trophy, and to become reigning rounders champions. On the other side of the field, the spectators got to enjoy drinks, socialising, and the sunny weather.


Meet and Greet

We have recently welcomed plenty of new employees, which made this event the perfect opportunity for everyone to meet. Despite many of us working from home or in different offices, we pride ourselves on our friendly and inclusive company environment, and events such as this one are a great testimony to that. 


The Rounders Game

With three of our Directors taking on the role of leading one of the three teams, it was time to dress up and prepare for battle. 

The Fantastic Fry's, Captained by James Fry 

Decked out with cowboy costumes, each member of the team was ready for the competition!

Win with Whittingham, Captained by Marc Whittingham

With Wonder 'Whittingham' costumes on, the team was ready to go!

Luke’s Legends, Captained by Luke Harrington

Luau outfits were required for Luke’s team; once all flowered up, they were ready to fight.



Once the three teams got into their costumes and had a quick photoshoot, it was time for the games to commence! 

At the end of this extraordinary game, the title of Rounders Champions went to the Fantastic Fry’s, who received a symbolic trophy and plenty of applause.


Socialising In The Sun

Our technical director Amanda even brought her dog Noodles along! Needless to say, he was one of the most popular participants receiving plenty of attention.

We hired a caterer and enjoyed a BBQ with Pimms and beer to go with it. We had badminton, bouls and croquet set up for those spectating, and we all had to chase after Noodles, who kept trying to join the rounders game.

Everyone had plenty of fun playing an amazing game of rounders, so here's to the next tournament where we will see if the Fry's keep their title!

Now that we can meet up safely, there will be lots more fun socials coming up!

Wiktoria Niedbala

Wiktoria Niedbala

Digital Marketing Executive

Wiktoria lives to create, she is a marketing postgraduate who loves social media and content creation. Customer satisfaction and driving engagement is at the heart of her work. She has worked with different clients including fintechs, affiliate marketing agencies and NGOs for over 3 years to grow their brands, as well as provide them with original and creative content. Since joining Blue Frontier, Tori has focused on content creation and social media marketing.

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