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The Internship Experience

Date Tuesday, 23 February 2021 Wiktoria Niedbala , In: Company News

The Internship Experience

Hugo, our Digital Marketing Intern, joined the Blue Frontier team in August 2020 for his placement year. His placement has involved hard work and major growth for Hugo and here is what he has to say about his Internship experience so far.

Getting Digital Marketing Experience

When asked about his favourite experience at Blue Frontier, Hugo doesn’t hesitate and talks about creating, planning and recording a cyber-security podcast. It allowed him to branch out from his area of knowledge and get out of his comfort zone. He has enjoyed the variety of opportunities that he has been given and the ability to work with different departments and develop numerous skill sets.

As a curious and ready to learn individual he thrives in an environment where he can find out first-hand how things work, from cyber security to content creation.

Hugo in Our Southampton Office

Accumulating a Variety of Skills 

Over the course of his internship, Hugo has accumulated an impressive amount of knowledge in digital marketing. With the help of Sammy, Charlie and the rest of the team, he can boast about using Google Analytics, Joomla and Photoshop. He is learning how to optimise websites using backlinks and creative content, which he works on for Blue Frontier as well as our clients. This internship is helping Hugo grow not only his professional but also personal skills as he is becoming a more independent and confident individual.

Hugo has enjoyed using these analytical skills to produce reports for both clients and Blue Frontier on a range of platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Analytics and Sprout Social. These reports are crucial indicators in helping navigate a business action plan for moving forward while highlighting what worked well for them throughout different parts of the year.

When recalling his first days Hugo mentions his surprise at how open the communication between departments is and how much they collaborate.

The whole company works like a really big team.” He says. “The managers are very approachable and supportive, which isn’t something I am used to coming from a retail background.”

Hugo in the Boxing Ring

Daily Work in the Digital Team 

On a day-to-day basis, Hugo’s main responsibilities are writing content, including blog articles and social media posts, as well as looking for ways to optimise websites and boost clients’ SEO. With a variety of work and an opportunity around every corner, Hugo also participated in creating a podcast, short videos and a photoshoot for one of our clients. 



Throughout his time with us, Hugo had to overcome a few challenges.

“My biggest challenge would probably be becoming familiar with Photoshop and exploring my artistic side. I am not the most visually creative person and I have initially struggled to make graphics look aesthetically appealing and cohesive.”

Practice makes perfect and now Hugo can create stunning posts, including one for our client Dream Doors.

Banner for Dream Doors

What About the Future?

After finishing his degree, Hugo plans to work in marketing for the sports industry. With his hands-on experience at Blue Frontier, he has a great kick-start to make this happen. We hope we will provide Hugo with all the skills he needs to progress in his future career.

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Wiktoria Niedbala

Wiktoria Niedbala

Digital Marketing Executive

Wiktoria lives to create, she is a marketing postgraduate who loves social media and content creation. Customer satisfaction and driving engagement is at the heart of her work. She has worked with different clients including fintechs, affiliate marketing agencies and NGOs for over 3 years to grow their brands, as well as provide them with original and creative content. Since joining Blue Frontier, Tori has focused on content creation and social media marketing.

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