MOSL (Market Operator Services Limited)

New Web Design With a Focus on UX

MOSL enlisted us to help them redesign their website as they looked to unlock England's water retail market. 

MOSL are the market operators for the non-household retail market in England. They take care of over 1.2 million customers and process more than 90,000 transactions each day, making a modern and user-friendly website essential to their work.

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MOSL website on laptop

Enhancing the Clients Presence Online 

MOSL came to us with a website that was difficult to navigate. It was hard to find the desired content, while its management was challenging and time consuming for the client. There was a lot of information, which wasn’t grouped intuitively, making the user journey lack clarity. 

It was therefore essential for us to create a website that made the browsing experience user friendly. 


Implementing User Experience into the Design 

Our web designers rebuilt the website to provide users with a seamless experience. Because MOSL's website had a vast amount of content that covered a wide range of topics within the water industry, we needed to understand which pieces of information were a priority to meet their customers’ needs. We came up with a design that not only housed the relevant content, but that was intuitive to follow. We wanted to allow MOSL to easily link the appropriate information on their website and keep the user journey simple.

MOSL mobile device
MOSL tablet

Design Approach

We divided the design process into two main phases, starting with research and analysis and ending with the testing of the new website.

Phase One

Our design team started with identifying the shortcomings of the old MOSL website by understanding how users navigated around it. We looked at what they need from the website and what areas of it were missing, unnecessary or needed restructuring.

Phase Two

The next step was to use the findings from phase one to further develop wireframes and create well informed designs based entirely around the needs of MOSL users.

Site Structure

Understanding the website’s usage was key to defining the website structure. Using GA we analysed the pages within the website, collating which offered value, we then worked with the team at MOSL to define user types and reviewed the outcomes of the analysis to map out the new structure. In addition, we applied the look and feel of the new branding supplied by MOSL, to influence the site’s look.

MOSL screenshot
MOSL screenshot


The design team created many custom features required to allow MOSL to display industry data/information in a usable interface whilst also making the admin manageable. Working closely with a small team appointed within MOSL in the build phase, we delivered solutions through a staging site for rapid review and feedback.

Once we defined a list of layouts that would best suit the content MOSL needed to display, we realised there was a need for further flexibility in how pages could display. We chose to use our custom in-house page builder to design and build a list of “template” structures for MOSL to use as a base to apply their content. The builder also gives the client the flexibility to control the layout of the content itself.


MOSL now have a bespoke design and Joomla CMS based website, which offers the custom functionality they require along with the potential for them to develop it further in the future. The new website was well received by a very impressed and excited MOSL team.

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