Cloud Consultancy Services

We have a team of experienced consultants committed to supporting businesses with the implementation of Cloud processes and systems.

Cloud Consultancy Delivered by Professionals 

Our technical consultants help clients understand and utilise the capabilities of effective Cloud solutions, and help businesses harness the power of Cloud technology.

Workloads and services are progressively being moved into cloud-hosted environments. Our Cloud consultants are vastly experienced in supporting organisations who want to develop their cloud infrastructure and have a wealth of hands on experience in delivering successful cloud based solutions. 

We are continually building our proficiency in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and bespoke hybrid models, so you can trust that our consultancy service will ensure that you find the most suitable Cloud based model for your organisation.

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Key Benefits of Our Cloud Consultancy Service

Secure Cloud services help businesses to grow as they provide additional computing power, extra database storage and enhanced content delivery. The Blue Frontier Cloud Consultancy team design, develop and deliver cloud-based solutions, and can support with the continued maintenance too.

  • Simplifying Costs
    Get a clear picture of your IT expenses with upgrades and maintenance covered in one monthly fee.
  • Resilient Infrastructure
    Improve Data Security and ensure minimal downtime
  • Improved Remote Working
    Help remote workers easily connect with your internal systems

Skilled and Certified Cloud Consultants

Putting our existing knowledge and skills to good use, our Cloud consultants make informed recommendations based on previous successful projects, such as our own Cloud infrastructure at Blue Frontier.

The cloud utilises distributed server infrastructure to host IT services such as email and virtual desktops, and can provide additional connectivity, backup and security solutions for your workforce.

Cloud based models are resilient and reliable; however it is easy to go astray without expert insight during the initial setup. We have significant experience working with cloud technology, not least for Blue Frontier internally, and are competent in utilising third party tools and technology in order to achieve excellent results.

We are more than just your web consultancy team.

Our consultancy team put excellent customer service at the heart of their work, ensuring our clients’ needs are always met. We are transparent in our processes and believe working closely with our clients helps us best meet their requirements, while as an ISO 13485 Certified Agency, we are driven by the quality of our work.

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Migrate to the Cloud 

We help our clients through the whole process of migrating to a cloud platform, prioritising the continued operation and security of your organisation, as well as ensuring we meet industry standard compliance.

From the outset of our Cloud Consultancy Service, we gather the requirements by auditing your system to understand the exact needs for your business and report this back to you. Following on from the research stage, we put forward a set of recommendations. As an AWS Certified agency with vast experience in Cloud services, we advise on the wide range of cloud products available.

Next up, the implementation. This stage requires a close working relationship with your internal teams and an account manager from your chosen provider, in order to move your system to a cloud based model. Once the move is complete, we continue to support your business with a bespoke plan that aligns with your needs. We can take direct care of your relationship with your cloud provider allowing you to focus on running your business.


We assist clients in the migration of data and workloads to a cloud-based provider, giving your workforce secure access to your data and services, even if they work remotely.


Our ISO accreditations put us in an excellent position to deliver secure environments for business data and services. We ensure you maintain strict conformity with regulatory frameworks where required.

Day to Day Operation

We closely monitor clients cloud environments to ensure efficient performance. Contact our in house support team, available 24 hours a day, who will be more than happy to help with any questions or issues.

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