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Company Growth at Blue Frontier

Date Thursday, 19 September 2019 Amy Godfrey-Bawden , In: Company News

Company Growth at Blue Frontier


Where We Started

Team 2005

Blue Frontier was founded back in 2005 when James Fry, Managing Director, and Luke Harrington, Development Director, joined forces, bringing together their business and technical acumen. They started with an idea and just a handful of business relationships. Through great perseverance, belief and skill, they have built Blue Frontier into the ever-growing business it is today, with the help of the incredible team members that have joined along the way.

Although Blue Frontier now proudly comprises of all aspects of technical IT, web design, development, test services, consultancy and digital marketing, in 2005 the business had yet to evolve into the end-to-end service it is today.

James and Luke decided that rather than selling a business management platform they had developed to another business, they could launch their own company offering software development services to an array of potential clients. Consequently, Blue Frontier IT Ltd was founded.

Soon after, Blue Frontier launched IT and tech support services having noticed a growing demand for these within the technology marketplace.

 Company Growth at Blue Frontier

Expanding Our Services

By 2008 Blue Frontier had grown in both manpower & offerings. We now had 10 employees & additional services comprising of web design and development. In 2016, Blue Frontier’s first dedicated test analyst joined the company to ensure quality was at the forefront of our productivity. Since then, our development team has grown to approximately 15, test team to 4 and the design team now consists of 7 experienced web and graphic designers.

We started working in the public healthcare sector in 2010, and by 2012 we were designing and building global health platforms. As of 2019, we are an ISO 13485 accredited organisation, meaning that we meet the ISO’s standard for medical devices, verifying our capability to design and manage devices that fulfil the requirements of both customers and the relevant regulatory bodies.

Device Testing

Blue Frontier's Managing Director, James Fry, acknowledges the impact becoming involved in Connected Health and the public sector has had on the credibility and reputation of Blue Frontier. Similarly, working for clients such as the NHS puts us in good standing to take on further prestigious projects in these sectors.

Diving into Digital

In 2015, Mike Bunn joined the team as Digital Director and we simultaneously acquired his company, Dynamics Digital. This dramatically transformed our service offering as we were able to introduce specialist digital marketing services to our portfolio. The growth in 2015 also saw us reach the milestone of £1 million in turnover, so it was quite the year at Blue Frontier!

We now have 12 digital team members, varying in expertise from photography, video and animation, social media management, SEO, PPC, to content creation and marketing.


Behind the Success

James Fry cites several key reasons for the success and growth of Blue Frontier; more than anything he believes that all of our accomplishments stem from the dedicated and skilled team, without whom it wouldn’t have been possible.

Hayley Working
Sara 2
Jack Working

Acknowledging everyone’s hard work and value within the company has created a culture that closely resembles a family, as each team member is truly appreciated for their contribution to the company.

James believes in acknowledging everyone for their input and rewarding the team's continued commitment. This creates a willingness to work hard and undoubtedly boosts productivity.

At Blue Frontier, everyone is working towards the same goal to promote Blue Frontier as a brand and ensure we offer the best services to our clients. This involves continually improving our services and introducing new practices to enrich and expand on our service offering.

Laptop Mobile
Team Shot

Opening New Offices

From a practical standpoint, moving to new premises in Salisbury and opening a new office in Southampton are decisions that have contributed hugely to the growth of the company.

We moved into the new Blue Frontier office in Salisbury in 2016. Initially, the space was far more than we needed as we were at about 50% capacity, but it gave us the opportunity to hire more talented individuals to fill the desk space. Now we have a full office of around 40 people based in Salisbury permanently, with several working across both the Salisbury and Southampton offices.

Branching out to Southampton in September 2018 has meant that we have a growing team base. It’s enabled us to cast a wider net in terms of employment.

We have also been able to build highly-valuable business relationships with Southampton based companies. This has seen us work closely with Go! Southampton to host regular Go! Digital talks. Our experts from the digital team have held workshops on matters such as social media, PPC, and the significance of video in marketing.


Today – Continued Growth and Recognition

Team 2019

This year Blue Frontier will exceed £3.6 million in revenue, employing more than 55 people and offering a complete end-to-end IT, digital, design, development and test service to customers across the UK and overseas.

Over the last 15 years, Blue Frontier have generated £12,850,000 in sales and employed more than 100 people. We are tremendously proud of our many achievements and the remarkable team we have built. Among our proudest accomplishments is our status as a world leader and innovator in medical device connectivity and data transmission.





Our efforts within the IT, tech and digital marketing industries have been commended on more than a few occasions, with a variety of awards won, including Techie Awards such as ‘The Cutting IT’ award in 2018 and the award for 'Best Technical Support Services 2019'. We have also been finalists for Wirehive 100’s ‘Best User Experience’ award and  ‘SEO - Best Professional Services Campaign’ at The Drum Search Awards 2017.

Recently, we have also been shortlisted as a finalist for the Fastest Growth award in the Wirehive 100 Awards 2019, which acknowledges the rapid growth we are experiencing at Blue Frontier. It is an award we are thrilled to have been nominated for as even though we are proud of our growing business no matter what, the recognition is truly appreciated and it's always fantastic when our dedicated team is celebrated!

At Blue Frontier, we are constantly looking into new ways to improve our processes, service offering and to ensure our team has all the support and training required to maintain a happy workforce. We always strive for excellence in terms of quality and value of service, and continue to propel Blue Frontier's growth to the benefit of both our clients and our team.


Join the Team!

If you would like to join our growing team of talented and forward-thinking individuals, have a look at our careers page to apply for some of our exciting new opportunities!

Amy Godfrey-Bawden

Amy Godfrey-Bawden

Digital Marketer

Amy joined the Digital Marketing team at Blue Frontier in April 2019. Following graduation from University in 2018, she has acquired experience writing content for social media and articles on subjects including AI, Smart Technology, Cybersecurity and IoT. She is interested in writing about a diverse range of topics and enjoys the versatility of her role at Blue Frontier.

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