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Huddle at Blue Frontier - May 2019

Date Monday, 03 June 2019 Amy Godfrey-Bawden , In: Company News

Huddle at Blue Frontier - May 2019

At Blue Frontier, we recently held our second internal Huddle session where we discussed key recent developments within the business as a cross-departmental group. In classic Blue Frontier style, we also had the perfect feast of pizza and Nando’s to keep us going.

It can be difficult to get everyone together now that we have such a rapidly growing team to coordinate, but the impressive turnout of people for this session allowed for greatly valuable insight for teams across both Salisbury and Southampton offices into the projects and accomplishments of all departments.Blue frontier team pizza

The Huddle helps keep everyone throughout the company in the loop about new ideas, projects, plans, and up-to-date company procedures. For example, our Development Manager, Shaun, talked us through the new features of our internal time management system, including a new ‘Quick Links’ feature designed to help team members quickly access their most used or important pages on the platform. The new information given by Shaun on how we can better use the system and its new features for optimal time and project management was an example of how beneficial the Huddle is in sharing important procedural information that impacts everyone at Blue Frontier.

The Huddle creates an ideal space for the discussion and celebration of new milestones reached, company-wide contribution of ideas, and helps promote a sense of direction in terms of how every department can help us reach our goals. For instance, our Business Development Executive, Matt, stood up in front of the team to talk about a new app idea that is in its planning and wireframe design phase, and members of the group happily volunteered feedback and new ideas. This level of feedback wouldn’t be possible in smaller department based meetings.

With our ISO re-certifications, Techie Awards win, financial milestones met, and exciting plans for the summer and the more distant future covered by Managing Director, James Fry, I think it’s fair to say that everyone in attendance learned something new and that they have taken away plenty of positive news about Blue Frontier and its continued success.

We are looking forward to getting back together soon to go over new projects and ideas and see how plans discussed in this session have progressed. We hope that our cross-departmental collaboration will continue to help us to better our service offering and improve the experiences of our staff and clients.

Amy Godfrey-Bawden

Amy Godfrey-Bawden

Digital Marketer

Amy joined the Digital Marketing team at Blue Frontier in April 2019. Following graduation from University in 2018, she has acquired experience writing content for social media and articles on subjects including AI, Smart Technology, Cybersecurity and IoT. She is interested in writing about a diverse range of topics and enjoys the versatility of her role at Blue Frontier.