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New Starters Begin Life With Us Working Remotely

Date Wednesday, 25 March 2020 Nick Layton , In: Company News

New Starters Begin Life With Us Working Remotely

These are, by any standards, extraordinary times, and our new joiners who have only been with the company a matter of weeks, are setting up VPNs and carrying out SEO and PPC work in a melee of furry paws, new monitors and cramped desk spaces. In only a matter of days, our technical team got us working in a totally seamless fashion, to ensure that our digital services are delivered as normal. 

It's time to say hello to our two new starters in the digital team. Please welcome Tori and Emily.


Inspired by Asian Culture and Alpacas

Emily graduated from the University of Winchester with a first in BA (Hons) Marketing in 2019 and went straight out to work in a number of different jobs to give her some life perspective, including a marketing internship for a few months in Chengdu, China. 

Emily - Digital Marketing Team

"It was such a unique and extraordinary experience. As it opened my eyes to many weird and wonderful ways they had in their business culture, such as naps on their lunch breaks, which I wouldn’t mind bringing back to the UK! What I love about visiting these countries is how different they are to the UK and you can fully immerse yourself in their culture as many people don’t speak English, making it even more of an adventure. It’s also amazing to see how far ahead these counties are in terms of technology and design!"

The lure of a new role as a Digital Marketing Executive for Blue Frontier came in early 2020. An agency like Blue Frontier brings a variety of work and different clients, plus the opportunity to strengthen an understanding of essential marketing skills such as SEO and PPC. 

"I enjoy the large range of different tasks that come with the job and the amount of professional and personal development that the role has provided me with already. The beautiful Southampton office and lovely team, both make the job a pleasure to come into in the morning as well as being surrounded by friendly faces!"

Southampton 1
Working In Southampton

Emily’s passion for the Chinese language, travel and cultural knowledge, as well as an exchange of ideas and viewpoints, make her a valuable and welcome addition to the digital team at Blue Frontier.

Great Wall of China

She also admitted that she has a fondness for a certain unusual animal: 

"Being a real animal lover, I’m never too far from a pet, annoying my cat or stealing a family member’s dog for a walk. One of my favourite animals is actually an alpaca and I have been on a few alpaca walks, which is very entertaining, as there’s never a dull moment with them!"

Tori’s Story

Tori arrived at Blue Frontier via a route that has included theatre, a Master's in Marketing, and assisting Fintech industries along the way. A job that demands a thorough, analytical approach suits her perfectionist nature, and she admits that nothing gives her more pleasure than hearing the word “plan!” Tori is also obsessed with all things social, alongside her love of writing and organising. 


“I strongly believe in the intersection between creativity and technology, which is why I’m so excited about starting my journey with Blue Frontier. I think it’s a great opportunity for someone like me who, thinks outside the box to be able to work in a team that is so: professional, inclusive and friendly.”

From a young age, she had an appetite for creating stories and sharing experiences with others. She studied English Literature Theatre and Performance Studies at Warwick University where she first came in to contact with marketing on a professional level. Tori created an extensive winter social media campaign for her local theatre, and it was this moment when she realised she couldn’t part with marketing and did her Masters in the subject. Since then, she has worked creating content for Fintech, affiliate marketing companies and NGOs.

Tori is now looking forward to working with various clients across multiple industries. She’s already getting stuck into blog posts and flexing her creative muscle on Photoshop. When she’s not typing away on her keyboard you can find her reading Sartre, surfing, or exploiting her cat for Instagram likes.

We at Blue Frontier wish our new colleagues well and look forward to assisting all our customers with any of their digital marketing requests, whether we are at home or in our respective Salisbury, Southampton, Bristol - or temporary home offices!


Nick Layton

Nick Layton

Content Creator

Nick has worked in Imaging for most of his life. His work has been seen in print, TV and video for (among others) co-op, Canon, London Zoo, Rolls Royce, IBM, Explore Travel and various county councils. Nick specialises in people, product, food and travel and follows the IT and camera industries closely.

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