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Our Social Summer at Blue Frontier

Date Wednesday, 13 September 2023 Ethan McCandless , In: Company News

Our Social Summer at Blue Frontier

We recently wrapped up a series of thrilling summer socials, making most of the sun while it decided to stick around! These summer socials were all about having fun, relaxing, and having our team members enjoy some quality time together outside of the work environment.

This summer, we organised three summer social events that offered our team members a chance to unwind and enjoy the weather. The first of these was a refreshing run around at the New Forest Water Park, followed by an exhilarating and competitive sports day, and finally a delightful evening trip to Bristol for a picnic evening with a game of rounders.

Enjoying a Day of Aquatic Activities

For the first summer social, we paid a visit to the New Forest Water Park. Once there, the team had to navigate a thrilling course that was filled with obstacles such as monkey bars, swinging planks and trampolines. This trip resulted in many of our team members getting soaked, despite everyone’s best efforts to stay dry while attempting to conquer the course!

After eventually drying off, everyone headed to the Alice Lisle for some tasty pub food and a hard-earned pint.

Water Park 1 1


Sports Day Spectacle

Our next summer social, and an annual highlight in the Blue Frontier calendar, was a thrilling Sports Day that took place in Pitton, near our head office in Salisbury. This year’s event began on a relaxing note, with everyone enjoying a catch up and some drinks. Next, our honorary yoga instructor for the evening, Gretchen, hosted a session that allowed everyone to stretch and unwind ahead of the fast-paced activities to come. We kicked off the competitive spirit with a quick football match that, very fortunately, ended with no injuries or red cards!

Following this, the rounders teams were decided. James, Luke, and Marc were chosen to lead their teams into an intense tournament, where James' team ended up trumping the rest with a dominant victory that we’re sure the offices will hear about for many months to come.

But the evening didn’t end there! There were plenty more activities for everyone to take part in yet. From having to avoid the winding legs of a Total Wipeout-esque sweeper, to conquering the fierce movements of a bucking bronco bull machine, there was plenty of fun (and light-hearted humiliation!) to be had by all. Not exactly the most traditional of sports day activities, but certainly a memorable addition!

After burning all the energy that the team had left, everyone got to enjoy some fantastic catering with delicious burgers, chicken and salad. Food fit for all the athletes that worked hard that day.

Rounders and Picnic Extravaganza

Our summer socials concluded with a Digital Team picnic in Bristol on Clifton Downs. After a full day's work, our team members came together for a game of rounders, led by captains Birju and Mike.

The team took part in an enthralling game that saw Birju get immediately caught out, but his team still emerging victorious without the captain's help.

This game was followed by relaxing and delving into a delicious meal consisting of mouthwatering Pizzarova pizzas with some prosecco and beer.

With light hearts and full stomachs, the team saw in the evening with a game of frisbee and some drone piloting lessons from our production crew. All in all, a laid-back team social which was exactly what everyone needed, and a chance to enjoy the late summer weather.   

Celebrating a Happy Work Environment

We understand the importance of teambuilding at Blue Frontier; we always aim to foster a collaborative, confident, and friendly working environment. By recognising that having a true sense of belonging is the key to creating a positive and cooperative team, we will always continue to give teams across the company opportunities to bond and relax together at socials or events.


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Ethan McCandless

Ethan McCandless

Digital Marketing Executive

Ethan joined us as a Digital Marketing Executive in March 2023. He began his professional journey at Blue Frontier after successfully graduating from UWE Bristol. Despite having no prior experience in a professional marketing role, Ethan has slotted right into our team due to his passion for content creation. Whether he's writing informative blogs or crafting compelling reels, Ethan works to consistently deliver a high standard of work for his clients.

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