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Welcome to Our Six New Starters

Date Monday, 18 November 2019 Nick Layton , In: Company News

Welcome to Our Six New Starters

Since opening up additional office spaces, we have been eager to recruit new talented people to join the Blue Frontier team. We are thrilled to announce that we recently welcomed six new team members to our Salisbury and Southampton offices.

Our new starters have development, design, security and digital experience and have already begun to offer a great deal of expertise to Blue Frontier and our clients.  We would like to introduce Jeremy Cripps, Euan McConchie, Ben Wallis, Brandon Akal, Ettie Greenwood and Rob Johnson!


Ben Wallis

Ben is a developer with wide-ranging previous experience building websites and offering web support to an array of clients from various industries, including the public sector and corporate organisations. When asked, Ben stated that his goal was:

"to develop beautiful, innovative websites and applications that are intuitive to use – with efficient code that is easy to understand and maintain. Blue Frontier seems like a professional but fun place to work!"


Rob Johnson

With a degree in Computing and past experience working in digital agencies, Rob Johnson has experience in both front-end and back-end environments. Rob said:

"I have a keen interest in solving clients' website problems with open-source technologies and clean code. As a web developer looking for a new challenge, Blue Frontier looked like the perfect place to further my career. Its impressive array of services, clients and team make it an exciting place to learn and grow. Outside of work, I enjoy a good gym session or a swim, as well as a bit of gaming, and I have a great love for cars."


Ettie Greenwood

Ettie has graduated from Bournemouth University with a first in BA (Hons) Marketing Communications. As part of her degree, she completed a one-year work placement with a digital marketing agency in Sussex. Originating from Brighton, Ettie has opted to continue her time on the south coast with a career at Blue Frontier:

"After finishing university, and having had a little experience, I decided that I wanted to learn more about SEO and PPC and all things digital marketing - hence why I joined Blue Frontier! I have only been in the team for just over 1 week and am already learning a lot. Everyone is also so nice and they have made me feel very welcomed to the team."


Brandon Akal

Brandon originally hails from South Africa, and by a remarkable coincidence, went to a school down the road from two of our other Blue Frontier colleagues, Tim Smith and John Bruce.

During his time in the British Army, as well as completing a tour of Afghanistan in 2012, Brandon developed a skillset in cybersecurity, which brought him into the IT sphere, prompting him to start a career at Blue Frontier. Here's what Brandon has to say about his role:

"Making sure that our clients have the best security they can is a passion of mine, and I can always be found sharing information about how colleagues and clients can best secure themselves."

Euan McConchie

A pixel perfectionist of Scottish origin, Euan joins a growing list of resident designers at Blue Frontier. Moving from print design and into digital, Euan has been fortunate to work with a wide and varied range of clients, including SEGA, Ubisoft, Universal and Wella.

'I believe in clarity through simplicity, using design to convey a simple message, to a specific audience, in an engaging way."

With a focus on typography and its place in design, he finds solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.

Jeremy Cripps

After studying Computer Science with a Mathematical flavour at Oxford Brookes, Jeremy worked for a small software house in Oxford. About 4 years later, he moved down to Salisbury where he enjoys the sense of community and the surrounding countryside.

"I joined Blue Frontier looking for new challenges, and  I very much enjoy the work we do in connectivity and medical devices. Currently, I am working on mobile applications for the first time and I am very enthusiastic about learning how to build cross-platform responsive apps. With software development, I enjoy solving problems and delighting customers when we have exceeded their expectations."


We are delighted to welcome our six new colleagues. We hope they enjoy their time at Blue Frontier and just as importantly, have a positive bearing on our clients' businesses. Ettie was brave enough to chat on camera, and here's what she said:

Nick Layton

Nick Layton

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